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Kings and Legends is an incredibly fun, fast−paced tactical Collectible Card Game. Open booster packs to reveal a variety of cards from 7 different races and build a powerful deck to take to battle. Choose from 1 of 4 unique classes and exploit its unique skill set to your advantage and play−style.

Tactical Battle system The action unfolds across a battlefield 10 spaces wide and multiple lanes thick.
You decide how to take the fight to the enemy, will heavily armored units soak up the enemies‘ attacks, or should fast Pegasi soar over the enemies formations?
Halt the enemies‘ progress with powerful magical spells, or enchant your own forces with mystical spells to give them unique abilities. All of this creates an incredibly tactical and deep battle system that reinvents classical TCG‘s into something immensely enjoyable and fun!

Collect and Enchant/Combine Collect Equipment and Cards of various tiers of quality and combine them into something more powerful. Each upgrade gives even more Life, Attack or improvements to abilities. With more than 200 unique cards, there are unlimited strategies to develop and evolve!

Intense Tournaments and Competitions Kings and Legends has a huge roster of daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. Bring your gameface, because PvP is the competitive heart of this collectible card game. Big prizes are at stake so choose your cards wisely, work closely with your team−mates and spectate the enemy for weaknesses in their strategy.

Epic adventures and battles With 1 expansive continent consisting of 10 regions, each with a multitude of battles, you‘ll never lack for battles and experience, which is essential as you gain reputation which unlocks special rewards and stat upgrades.
The Ascension Tower is a 50−level tower of challenges and rewards against deviously good NPC opponents.
Enter the Challenge Hall and team up with other players for a Dungeon Run, facing a powerful Boss enemy for your chance to win protective equipment, powerful cards, magical gems and in game currency.

Construct a kingdom Each Hero gains control of a City which can be leveled up to provide a variety of bonuses both on and off the battlefield. Sell unwanted cards for in−game currency in the Auction House, which you can use to buy cards you do need, or upgrade cards into even more powerful forms in the Alchemy Lab. Check the Ranking Board to see how you rate against other players, and duel them for bragging rights in the Arena.

Events & Updates Kings and Legends is constantly looking to improve the game with fun events and challenges every month, collect exclusive cards with unique abilities for that added spice to your battle strategy, gain massive rewards and powerful cards during Gold promotions or win rewards for beating tough challenges!

Game rules

We want to create a gaming environment in which all players feel comfortable to play. We have composed a list of actions which go against the upkeep of this environment, and can result in punishment from the Support Team.

Definition of Harassment

These definitions are valid for all domains and communication platforms within the game, and forbid any and all comments and exchanges which are perceived to be offensive or inappropriate by other players.

Definition of Exploitation

We do not want players to get an advantage over others through unfair means. In addition to account penalization, we reserve the right to also reverse any gained advantages retroactively.

Account Penalization

Sometimes rules cannot be enforced without imposing appropriate sanctions in response to violations. We designed our system of penalization to be comprehensible and equitable for all players. Here, the consequences attached to violations of the rules are explained.


Our definition of harassment are applied to all communication channels across the game. These include, but are not limited to:
• the chat;
• player and guild profiles;
• the message system;
• player names;
• the forum;
• Facebook.

All domains are monitored by GameSpree support to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable game environment in which all players can feel comfortable. Our gamemasters and moderators are authorized to intervene in any instance of a violation of our game rules. Their instructions are to be obeyed. We have made an effort to include every form of improper conduct in our list. But we all know that it is neverthless possible that there are forms of misconduct which are not present in this list. In such cases the judgement is reserved to our Support Team.

Obscene / Vulgar / Sexual

All comments, text, or names which directly or indirectly:
• make reference to violent or sexual actions;
• allude inappropriately to human anatomy or bodily functions.

Racism / Nationalism

All comments, text, or names which directly or indirectly:
• are racist or ethnically discriminatory;
• offend or degrade other nationalities or draw upon nationalistic symbols.


All comments, text, or names which directly or indirectly:
• insult or degrade religions, religious views, figures, or symbols.

Illegal activities / Drugs

All comments, text, or names which directly or indirectly:
• depict or invoke activities against the law or the game rules; • call for or encourage the consumption of illegal substances or activities associated therewith.


All comments, text, or names which directly or indirectly:
• deliberately broadcasts false information, which can put the player in question at an advantage or disadvantage other players and/or the Support Team.

Misuse of the Support System

This includes, among other things:
• deliberately falsifying information about moderators or employees of GameSpree; • Harassment of the moderators and/or Support Team through offensive comments or excessive questioning after already having received an answer; • claiming to be a personal acquaintance of an employee of GameSpree; • falsely claiming to be a member of the moderator team; • publishing conversations with the support.

Spam / Advertisement

• repeatedly posting material of the same or a similar nature; • incomprehensible expressions (incl. extreme dialects, foreign languages, absolute nonsense); • direct or indirect advertisement (e.g. commercial advertising, accounts for sale); • links which have not been specifically cleared with the Support Team (a list of these can be found in the forum).

Insults / Defamation / Improper Forms of Expression

All comments, text, or names which directly or indirectly:
• insult or defame another player or group of people; • circulate or make public personal details or photographs of another player; • are susceptible to being received as indecent or provocative.


Exploiting is understood as any action which does not conform to or is not consistent with the purpose of the game-mechanics and provides an unfair advantage to one or more players or burdens other players. The following actions are deemed exploitative. We reserve the right to deem further actions, not listed here, as exploitative should they arise:

Account Sharing

Under no circumstances is the sharing or distribution of your password to other players permitted. Any damages that are caused by sharing your passwords will not be reversed by the support team.

Circumvention of Game Mechanics

• Rank pushing: The manipulation of the PvP ranks through intentionally lost fights is forbidden;
• Any automation of game processes (for example, through the use of bot programs) is strictly forbidden;
• Fake Accounts: accounts must always be played for their own personal gain. Accounts which are used primarily for different purposes will be either blocked or deleted.


• Bugs or game errors have to be reported immediately. The deliberate use of bugs and game errors is forbidden; • The use of game mechanics against their intended purpose to gain unfair advantages is forbidden.


Each player is only allowed one account on each server. If several players play Kings and Legends from the same internet connection, then Support must be notified in advance. Accounts that are played from the same internet connection may not deliberately attack each other or trade with each other.

System of Penalization

In order to enforce compliance with the rules, it is unfortunately necessary to apply a system of punishment and penalization to disciplining offenders, and in extreme cases to exclude those players from further game play.

Depending on the seriousness of the violation, our support team is at liberty to impose penalizations of varying severity.

We employ a graduating system. Repeated minor infractions accumulate and lead to increasingly severe penalties. Some infractions may, however, lead directly to more severe punishment.


A warning is a form of instructional notification and in itself does not lead to any restrictions on game play. It serves to document players' conduct and make it traceable over time. Previously issued warnings will therefore be taken into account when deciding on an appropriate penalty for further rule violations. It is thus advisable to take warnings you receives seriously and to avoid any future infractions against our rules.

Temporary bans

In cases of especially serious rule violations or repeated defiance of warnings and disregard for the rules, our support team is entitled impose temporary bans. Depending upon the severity of the infraction, the ban may last anywhere from 3 hours to 7 days. During this time, the game is not accessible to the user.

Permanent bans

• A permanent ban is the most severe penalty, and is only used in the most extreme cases of rule violations, or when a player does not change his behaviour after several instances of penalization; • Permanent bans will not be lifted again.

Prepare for the Hellfire!

Update 1.6 is upon us: The demons are knocking on your doors and they don't come bearing cookies. Survive their onslaught and then use their powers for yourself!
New boss fights! New events! New abilities and new cards!
The Hellfire patch offers new challenges and new ways to build your deck and vanquish your opponents. Harness the power of the burning abyss. Become the master of hellish denizens. Unleash your inner demon!

Here be Dragons!

Kings and Legends pits a massive range of creatures and races against one another in an almighty battle for supremacy. Mix n' match your creatures to find the right balance and attack strategy. Each creature's individual abilities can be used to complement another's and make sure the action always remains interesting. Work with your allies in upto 4vs.4 PvP battles and Co-operative Challenges or practice your new Deck-builds in the +100 Stage single-player campaign and the Arena!

Choose your Play-Style!

Pick from 1 of 4 Classes and +100 Class Skills
Lead your troops as a Warrior, control the battle as a Ranger, inflict massive damage as a Wizard or heal and support your troops as the Priest! Build your Deck and collect cards from 10 Races of cards, each with its own play-style and sub-races. Humans, Elves, Halfbloods, Undead, Goblins, Ogres, Beasts, Angels, Dragons and the mysterious Planars are waiting!

Evolve your cards!

Combine cards into more powerful versions, gaining Life, Attack and unique abilities. Forge new equipment at the Smith to enhance your Critical-Strike rate or improve your defence. Cards can be broken down into materials and used to fuse different cards, or Sell (and Buy) cards in the Auction House!