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Kings and Legends is an incredibly fun, fast−paced tactical Collectible Card Game. Open booster packs to reveal a variety of cards from 7 different races and build a powerful deck to take to battle. Choose from 1 of 4 unique classes and exploit its unique skill set to your advantage and play−style.

Tactical Battle system The action unfolds across a battlefield 10 spaces wide and multiple lanes thick.
You decide how to take the fight to the enemy, will heavily armored units soak up the enemies‘ attacks, or should fast Pegasi soar over the enemies formations?
Halt the enemies‘ progress with powerful magical spells, or enchant your own forces with mystical spells to give them unique abilities. All of this creates an incredibly tactical and deep battle system that reinvents classical TCG‘s into something immensely enjoyable and fun!

Collect and Enchant/Combine Collect Equipment and Cards of various tiers of quality and combine them into something more powerful. Each upgrade gives even more Life, Attack or improvements to abilities. With more than 200 unique cards, there are unlimited strategies to develop and evolve!

Intense Tournaments and Competitions Kings and Legends has a huge roster of daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. Bring your gameface, because PvP is the competitive heart of this collectible card game. Big prizes are at stake so choose your cards wisely, work closely with your team−mates and spectate the enemy for weaknesses in their strategy.

Epic adventures and battles With 1 expansive continent consisting of 10 regions, each with a multitude of battles, you‘ll never lack for battles and experience, which is essential as you gain reputation which unlocks special rewards and stat upgrades.
The Ascension Tower is a 50−level tower of challenges and rewards against deviously good NPC opponents.
Enter the Challenge Hall and team up with other players for a Dungeon Run, facing a powerful Boss enemy for your chance to win protective equipment, powerful cards, magical gems and in game currency.

Construct a kingdom Each Hero gains control of a City which can be leveled up to provide a variety of bonuses both on and off the battlefield. Sell unwanted cards for in−game currency in the Auction House, which you can use to buy cards you do need, or upgrade cards into even more powerful forms in the Alchemy Lab. Check the Ranking Board to see how you rate against other players, and duel them for bragging rights in the Arena.

Events & Updates Kings and Legends is constantly looking to improve the game with fun events and challenges every month, collect exclusive cards with unique abilities for that added spice to your battle strategy, gain massive rewards and powerful cards during Gold promotions or win rewards for beating tough challenges!

Game rules

The General Game rules (hereinafter ″Game Rules″) are an appendix to the General Terms and Conditions. The General terms and conditions should be consulted, if access is suspended, or to determine what is permitted and what is prohibited.

Circumventing the Game Rules will be considered as a violation and will be penalised accordingly. The Game Rules apply to players likewise, that intend to delete their account or are already in the process of deleting their accounts

Art. 1 - Account
Art. 1.1 Each player may only have one account per unmerged game server.

Art. 1.2 Account owner is the individual whose e-mail address is registered in the account.

Art. 1.3 Transferring the password is a violation of the Game Rules and will be penalised.

Art. 1.4 The account owner is responsible for all activities in the account.

Art. 1.5 The sale of game accounts is prohibited.

Art. 1.6 In a merged server, each player may retain and play any account belonging to the same owner.

Art. 2 - Netiquette
Art. 2.1 A full descriptions of our Nettiquette and our Chat-rules can be found in the wiki.

Art. 2.2 Insults, humiliation or other questionable statements about other players in any form or at any place shall not be tolerated and will be penalised.

Art. 2.3 Creating IGMs (In-Game Messages) or account profiles in any other languages other than English is not permitted.

Art. 2.4 Blackmailing is prohibited. Negotiations initiated by a defeated player with the objective of arriving at an agreement in the conflict are not affected by this clause.

Art. 2.5 Advertisement of any kind, spam & chain letters are not permitted.

Art. 2.6 Publishing in game messages or e-mail conversations with the Support-Team in the game or the forum is not permitted unless both parties have agreed.

Art. 2.7 It is prohibited to force or request a player to delete or surrender an account, play on a multiplayer account, reveal a password or to violate the rules.

Art. 2.8 Exploiting defects in a game is prohibited and will be penalised as will the use of scripts, bots or similar items. The game may only be played using a conventional browser that has not be modified for Kings and Legends. Graphic packs constitute an exception.

Art. 2.9 Imitating official institutions in Kings and Legends, as well the use of morally or politically incorrect names is prohibited and will result in immediate deletion.

Art. 3 - Netiquette
Art. 3.1 Game masters will determine the penalty for rule violations. Under no circumstances will items lost during suspension be replaced. The player is not entitled to a reimbursement or replacement of time lost on a Kings and Legends account during suspension.

Art. 3.2 Game masters are the only contact persons regarding rule violations on the server. Players may present their case to the game masters via email. Players may submit sufficient grounds for questioning the decision made by the game masters to the support via email.

Art. 3.3 The Kings and Legends team reserves the right to modify the Game Rules at any time.

Art. 3.4 If any article of the Game Rules is found to be invalid, this shall only have effect on the individual article and not on the entire document. Invalid articles will be adapted as soon as possible. A preliminary version of the modified article may be applied in suspension cases even if the final version has not been published yet.